About Dr Emma Whiston

Dr Emma Whiston graduated from the University of Melbourne and has been a qualified and registered Veterinarian since 1993. Dr Emma spent many years in general practice until 2004 when she established My Best Friend in order to provide pets and their families with private, peaceful and dignified care in the last stages of their time together.

As a result of being raised the daughter of a Veterinarian, Dr Nigel Clayton, Dr Emma is very comfortable with the care of animals in the home environment. Nigel came to Australia from the UK in the 1960ís and practiced in Melbourne where he is known for his skill and wonderful Ďbedsideí manner. He is now retired, but over the years, he has passed down his wisdom and compassion to Dr Emma. She has happy memories of helping him, particularly when one of their many family pets was euthanased at home. These occasions were filled with love and calmness as the family gathered around to give their faithful friend the best farewell possible.

Dr Emma has a particular interest in the human-animal bond, geriatric medicine, palliative care, euthanasia and bereavement. She understands and is sensitive to the difficulties and emotions that may be associated with the management of the end of a petís life.

Dr Emma is a caring and understanding Veterinarian, who will carefully assess the health and quality of life of your pet. Consultations are based on an hour, so that there is plenty of time to discuss any concerns that you may have. In many cases now, it may be possible to help ease geriatric health problems and improve comfort levels of terminally ill pets.

Dr Emma is very happy to work either independently or co-operatively with your petís regular veterinarian or health care provider in order to ensure that optimal care is achieved.

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