About Pet Loss and Bereavement

For many people, the relationship they share with their animal companions is profoundly significant and deep, and is usually characterized by a unique, loving and everlasting bond.

The grief suffered by those who lose an animal member of their family is often not fully understood or even recognised by others in our society. Indeed, sometimes it can even take us by surprise – with strong emotions of pain, and sometimes guilt, especially if the difficult decision to euthanase had to be made.

Most people get through this time of bereavement given lots of time and support from family and friends. Unfortunately, others are alone and misunderstood in their time of grief.

If extra support is needed, My Best Friend is able to assist by providing appropriate referral for help and access to a range of helpful resources. Please telephone or email us, and also have a look at the suggested ‘Useful Links’ listed on this website.
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