About Home Euthanasia

You may be wondering if the time has come to have your pet euthanased or ‘put to sleep’.

The word euthanasia literally means ‘a good death’ and My Best Friend is committed to helping this sad time to be as positive and peaceful as possible for you and your pet.

In most cases, euthanasia of animals occurs at an appointed time by a veterinarian, in a veterinary clinic or hospital. Usually your pet will be placed on a table and will be held by a nurse in order to be given an overdose of an anaesthetic into a vein. Most vets and vet nurses understand that you and your pet will probably be upset or anxious and are very caring in this situation.

My Best Friend Veterinary Home Euthanasia Services provides an alternative way to experience euthanasia. Euthanasia at home enables your pet to remain in familiar comfort without the need to be transported in a cage or the car, or to be placed in a clinical environment for his or her last moments. Being at home enables peace and privacy for your family and minimizes the chance of your pet feeling frightened or stressed.

Euthanasia by My Best Friend is a slower and calmer experience, and aims to peacefully provide a dignified death with the use of various medications prior to the final anaesthetic overdose, gradually and gently causing the animal to fall into a deepening sleep. Non-intrusive guidance, reassurance and support is given throughout in order to facilitate your emotional experience as well as that of other family members including children and other pets.

My Best Friend is sensitive and flexible with regard to the wishes and rituals of different families, cultures and religions at this time.

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